Over the past few months the world has become strange in a thousand unexpected ways. We've been kept indoors, noticed nature more, worked from home and lived closer to death than we ever have done before (in my short millennial lifetime at least!). Some lucky people have weathered through the economic storm. Others have suffered as a result of the economic injustices of our system.


The death of George Floyd has reminded us of the horrendous cost of our hierarchical system of white supremacy. Throwing the statue of Colston into the sea felt like a real life destruction of an idol.


As a society need to have better conversations about privilege and white supremacy. We need to celebrate our communities. We need to mourn better and talk about death more openly. We need to breathe and celebrate and remember the goodness of just being alive. We need to fix the broken parts of our social and economic system so the poorest and most vulnerable do not always shoulder the cost. Mini-fest can't change the world but it is a place to explore the dreams that make a better world possible.

This mini-festival has been created by lovers of the Greenbelt festival - a traditional source of hope and place of pilgrimage for people interested in faith, arts and justice. We hope to reflect some of the greenbelt ethos in the quality conversations, radical ideas and space to allow creativity to kindle and spark. This festival comes from a place of being deeply rooted in Christianity
 - particularly from the contemplative/radically hospitable tradition, seeking to imagine a better world which resembles the Bright Field or the 'kingdom' as God intends it to be. However, we will be joined by people of all faiths and none and everyone is welcome.

As society re-opens some people are comfortable gathering in a socially distanced manner, others are not. Some have access to technologies which enable people to engage in online communities, others do not. Both responses have to be okay. So as mini-festival we are committed to providing an equally engaging experience online via zoom, facebook live and youtube and in real life.